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Managing Schedule Risk Associated with Large IT Projects Open Access

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This research introduces the DIS&RM; (Defense Integrated Schedule & Risk Management) Framework, to assist in improved schedule execution for Department of Defense (DoD) Information Technology (IT) projects. DoD IT projects are characterized by major external dependencies, large scale, and unfortunately, missing key schedule milestones. The goal of this Praxis is to address the issues that these projects have with managing schedule risk. Many DoD IT projects focus primarily on managing internal project risks without understanding the dependencies and organizational interfaces that often will dictate project completion milestones. DoD project management leverages traditional project management methodologies that have been proven to be insufficient for projects with vast numbers of interdependencies. There is a clear need for the DoD to execute risk management in a manner that encompasses all project dependencies, both inside and outside of the organization that is leading the projects execution. Through the development of the DIS&RM; Framework, DoD IT project managers will be able to better manage project schedules against the statistically identified predicting factors uncovered in this research. By analyzing DoD project data, composed of various activities with both internal and external risks, predictive factors can be identified through statistical best practices. The practical application of the DIS&RM; Framework was evaluated through several Case Studies, to detail how the framework can be readily applied by DoD IT Project Managers to improve schedule execution performance.

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