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The Spiritual Teachings of Imām J`afar al-Ṣādiq: Doctrine, Method, and Practice Open Access

The Shiite Imam - J`afar al-Sadiq (d. 765 AD) among many other fields of knowledge, such as law, theology, natural philosophy, and occult sciences, elucidated many spiritual teachings in his lifetime. He is one of the most vital and influential thinkers of the early centuries of Islam, and as such, his teachings and practices should be given the proper attention. These spiritual teachings can be divided into those concerning doctrine and theory, those concerning spiritual method and its practice, and those concerning virtues, which are the fruit of realized doctrine and method. Mostly based on primary sources, this study aims to initiate a series of research endeavors on early Shiite spirituality and wisdom. We offer an interpretation of some of the spiritual teachings of Imam Sadiq as representing a complete "Imami" spiritual system containing principles and applications in order for disciples and seekers to attain sincere purity, certainty, and realization of Truth.

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