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Finding une place pour toutes et tous [a place for everyone]: Changing Landscapes of Art and Politics in Aubervilliers Open Access

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With a series of place-centered vignettes, this anthropological work incorporates interdisciplinary concepts and methodologies to examine how intersections of art and politics in newer art places in Aubervilliers, a northern banlieue of Paris with a large foreigner population, engage with placemaking, gentrification, and belonging. Each vignette is structured to parse out placemaking, gentrification, and belonging in each place with deep sensory detail. These places include a former military fort, a farm house used for cultural and art programming, and a shared artist studio. Ultimately, this work demonstrates that newer art places in Aubervilliers prioritize the belonging of newcomers and outsiders, not necessarily the diverse population and residents of Aubervilliers.

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