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Counterfeit Goods: Occurences, Choices, and The Influence of Origin Open Access

From DVD's to drugs, counterfeit goods are increasingly becoming more commonplace in the global marketplace. Their presence is a concern not only to firms which see their profits diluted but also to policy makers which must contend with these block market goods and for consumers that could suffer more than simply a monetary loss. The following dissertation explores the phenomenon of counterfeit goods and the challenges that firms, policy makers, and consumers in regards to counterfeit goods. Specifically, the research examines why consumers choose counterfeit goods and the impact that situation factors can have on the choices that they make. Based on a series of studies it is revealed that situational variables can be manipulated to either increase or decrease consumption of counterfeit goods. The studies also reveal how certain signals such as the country where counterfeit good originated from can overpower other signals such as the price of the product. The research which is compiled within this dissertation has potential implications for those which are concerned with counterfeit and these are discussed.

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