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Up From Below: Exploration of the Deep Open Access

In order to understand future space exploration, we must first understand the planet we live on and strive to learn from the depths as yet undiscovered. Providing the public an exhibit that combines both science and beauty, both of which are found in an inaccessible natural environment they might never experience, is the main priority.We have put more men on the moon than have touched the ocean floor. We have not fully explored our own planet, yet NASA trains astronauts in the deep ocean waters to prepare them to venture into the unknown of space. My thesis provides a history of deep diving by way of interweaving personal and public stories of Ocean discoveries, disasters, and future exploration, and compares it to that of space exploration. Immersive environments "transport" visitors to the bottom of the Marianas Trench where they learn about the difficulties of deep diving, three specifically disastrous wrecks at sea, and the people who have braved the depths to document what is located below.

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