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Runway: Enhancing the Airport Experience through Exhibition Design Open Access

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How can exhibition design enhance the airport experience? Through the lens of flight’s influence on fashion, the following exhibition will improve the traveler’s experience at JFK Airport in JetBlue’s Terminal 5. Manned flight in its various forms has influenced fashion for centuries, from hot air ballooning to space flight. Exploring the effect of hot air balloons, airplanes, and spaceships on everyday fashion, this exhibition will be a moment of levity in the chaotic environment of the airport, encouraging passersby to look up and enjoy their surroundings.The exhibition seeks to build on JetBlue's positive brand reputation and goal of making the airport experience as enjoyable as possible. JetBlue also has a strong visual identity that Runway will complement and expand upon. The general look of the exhibition will harmonize with the current experience in Terminal 5, while strengthening the space with interpretive exhibition content. Maintaining a clean and simple style, the physical structure and graphics of Runway will enhance without overwhelming visually. This exhibition will uplift the traveler’s experience, making their journey more pleasant, interesting, and joyful.

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