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Retelling Baltimore's Story Through Reinvention Open Access

The effects of blight on a city and neighborhood can be not only physical but alsosocial and cultural. The negative impact can be crucial to economic and socialdevelopment. The overall concept is reinvention and revival of not only a space, but apeople. By looking at the design aesthetic and process of Alexander McQueen, therevival of an abandoned space can echo the elements of narrative, empowerment, magicaltransformation, and re-imagining styles of the past by giving new life to not only thebuilding, but also the neighborhood where it is located. The space will embody hope andpurpose while transforming it from negative to positive.The research shows that there is a need to rehabilitate certain cities that are affectedby serious blight. Abandoned buildings not only affect the aesthetic of an area but alsothe people and economy.Alexander McQueen’s collection’s told a story, gave women a sense of empowermentand included a theme of “magical transformation”. These same principles can be appliedto a space that has long been forgotten. The story of the space can be retold andreinvented to empower the very people using the space.

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