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Companion (2019-2020) is an ongoing project on the experiences of survivors from sexual assault and harassment in the form of a massive wall made of boxes of various sizes and shapes. I handmade each box from papier-mâché and painted into mixed acrylic colors. Moreover, I have collected experiences through personal interviews and consent. I transformed elements of their experiences by extracting striking elements of the rooms, feelings, colors, or places where the assault took place to represent within the interior of the boxes.The scale and the form of the installation, bigger and taller than an average human size, I want to invoke the viewers a sense of holiness and sacredness. Some boxes are empty, as the many stories of sexual assault remain unknown. The support and confliction between each box on display is another point that I want to convey to my viewers. I place the boxes in a way where they are tightly held together; supporting each other's weights and balancing the whole form. Companion (2019-2020) has a wild color palate. I add bright energy to the color palate in order to brighten the shadow of ignorant reality on the social issue. Along with papier-mâché technique layering more innocence to the deepest meaning into the form. My intention to make Companion (2019-2020) is helping me and other survivors who have been silent for a long time, providing us a platform to speak and anonymously share experiences with the public. As well as telling all the survivors that we are not alone.

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