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An Agent-Based Model for Improved System of Systems Decision making in Air Transportation Open Access

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Team collaboration and decision making have a significant role in the overall performance of complex System of Systems (SoS). Inefficient decisions can result in significant extra cost and reduction in the overall team performance within the organizations. Therefore, the early and effective evaluation of the individual and collaborative team decisions are essential. The degree of utility of alternative strategy designs may vary given the condition, but these conditions are not always considered when the decisions are being made. Improved Systems Engineering (SE) processes and tools are needed during the systems’ development lifecycle to make decisions, and rapidly evaluate and assess multiple design alternatives to effectively select architectural design strategies that yield the highest mission performance. This research applies the SE principles of design for change and flexibility in an agent-based model to simulate design alternatives for systems analysis and decision making. The model evaluates and selects the decision(s) for SoS comprised of collaborative teams resulting in higher mission performance. The proposed agent-based model was applied to test the team decision-making improvements within the SoS structure of the air transportation domain. The experimental results indicated significant improvements in decision coordination, decision workload, and overall system performance in air transportation domain. This research contributes to the agent-based modeling of the SoS teams and can assist with evaluating team decisions and improving decision making as an essential element in the field of Systems Engineering.

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