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Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Instantiation Within a Hard Real Time, Deterministic Combat System Environment Open Access

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This research investigates the instantiation of a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) within a hard real-time (stringent time constraints), deterministic (maximum predictability) combat system (CS) environment. There are numerous stakeholders across the U.S. Department of the Navy who are affected by this development, and therefore the system requirements are being influenced from many different directions. In specific, the research focuses on two-way, transparent, secure track data exchange between the command and control (C2) and CS domains. Exchange and management of data between these domain networks are accomplished using configurable universal gateway capabilities. These capabilities include the provision for data mediation and boundary defense requirements within a web services publish-and-subscribe framework. The gateway's performance is assessed with respect to operational loading, architecture and provisioning requirements to evaluate gateway component performance, and resource utilization. The universal gateway prototype evaluated in this limited technology experiment (LTE) demonstrated interoperability as a key step in satisfying Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6 criteria, based on its successful performance in a representative environment. Data latency was minimal at the largest message loads with typical end-to-end gateway latencies under 15 milliseconds, and data throughput across the universal gateway was not limited by universal gateway components. These results allow proven architectural principles to be applied in new ways to enable rapid development and insertion of new capabilities, lower-risk system integration and evolution, and more reliable operations. At the same time, multiple integrators and vendors can actively design and compete for business, lowering acquisition and life-cycle costs.

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