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How Do Retired Military Officers Start Anew in Civilian Society? A Phenomenological Study of Life Transition Open Access

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This phenomenological study explored the life transitioning experience that accompanies the retirement of senior military officers upon their return to civilian society. In particular, this study looked at how retired senior officers who have been living in civilian society for 2 to 5 years navigate a change in cultural differences and attend to identity, awareness, and self-renewal to start anew. The research method selected for this study is qualitative. This is the best methodological fit to explore the research problem of this study because it offers a method of inquiry into the meaning that individuals ascribe to the human problem of life transition. Eight core themes and thirteen sub-themes emerged from this study. These findings illuminate the life transitioning experience as evolutionary and unfolds in three stages that parallel Bridges' (2003) life transition model--an ending, a neutral zone, and a new beginning--as an individual adjusts to a culture change.

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