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Temperature Variation of Magneto-Optical Properties in Nanostructured Ferromagnetic Thin Films Open Access

The effect of temperature on magnetic properties of ferromagnetic materials has been a subject of research for many years. The Bloch T 3/2 law provides a quantitative description of the temperature dependence of magnetization but neglects the contribution of the chemical potential. Research by Della Torre and Bennett has provided an extension to Bloch's law to accommodate for the chemical potential and Bose-Einstein Condensation (BEC) of magnons in ferromagnetic metallic nanostructures. With the growing demand for research and engineering in the area of magnonics today, further research development is needed to understand the physics of magnons in relation with external factors such as temperature and photons.This research encompasses the development of an experimental testbed, with an aim to investigate the magneto-optical properties of metallic nanostructured ferromagnetic thin films, influenced by photon-magnon interaction, with varying temperatures down to cryogenic temperatures. This research will extend work done on the study of BEC of magnons to include the influence of photons on the phenomenon.

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