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The Effect of Leader Behavior and Team Processes on the Development of Team Cohesion Open Access

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Cohesion has been consistently acknowledged as an integral component of team success, with ample research linking cohesion to team effectiveness, performance, and efficiency within teams. Given strong linkages between cohesion and performance, organizations would benefit from knowledge regarding processes that may lead to team cohesion. However, little is known regarding the specific factors that are associated with cohesion. This study was designed to address this gap, exploring the relationships between leadership behaviors and team processes that contribute to cohesive teams. This study expands upon current theory regarding the association between team perceptions of leadership behaviors on team cohesion by introducing team process variables as mediators between leadership and cohesion. Results of this study suggest that perceptions of leadership behaviors are associated with team processes and team processes are associated with team cohesion. Using results of this study, evidence-based recommendations can be made for practical implementation of leadership behaviors that have been demonstrated to relate to the team processes associated with cohesion development.

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