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Mechanism of ARID4B Function in Male Fertility Open Access

AT-rich interactive domain (ARID) family of proteins specifically bind to DNA at AT-rich regions and thus can regulate gene expression. In this study, the role of one such ARID family protein ARID4B in maintaining male fertility is elucidated. AT-rich interactive domain protein 4B (ARID4B) is involved in chromatin remodelling and is a component of the SIN3A/HDAC1 corepressor complex and thus regulates expression of various genes upstream and downstream to this particular gene. To study its role in maintaining spermatogenesis we have generated tissue specific knockout mice driven by the promoter Amh-Cre. Through RNA –sequencing and Chromatin immunoprecipitation analyses, we elucidate the role of ARID4B in the downregulation of various genes that are critical during the initial phases of spermatogenesis. Our study also identified GDNF as the key regulatory gene that is downregulated in the ARID4B knockout mice, which is found to be critical for the maintenance of the spermatogonial stem cell niche.

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