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A Framework for Implementing Systems Engineering Measures at Technical Reviews and Audits Open Access

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Systems engineering measurements provide the decision maker a method to effectively manage uncertainty throughout the systems engineering lifecycle including entrance into key project milestones. Premature transition through project milestones or decision gates is likely to lead to cost and schedule overruns. Risks to a project can be monitored by measuring systems engineering measures in the development of systems. This dissertation proposes a framework for implementing systems engineering measures for the development of systems based on a set of leading indicators. The dissertation also defines additional methods to identify predictive measures. Finally, the dissertation provides the results of surveying systems engineering professionals to capture an industry perspective on systems engineering measurement and the extent to which the industry uses predictive measures and techniques. The relationship between a set of leading indicators and project performance was evaluated. This helps to identify the strength of the relationship between leading indicators and project performance. The results of the study indicate that the use of systems engineering measurement on a project increases the likelihood of better project performance. By monitoring systems engineering as a leading indicator, overall project management and performance is improved.

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