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Evaluation of a Collaborative Knowledge Management Framework in Regulatory Decision Making Open Access

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When it comes to decision making, traditional methods point towards analyzing data and facts and assembling conclusions based on them. However, with the increasing abundance of information, there are challenges and restrictions for time commitment, determining the relevance of obtained information, and its current applicability, that make it difficult for individuals to retrieve information and obtain knowledge in a time-sensitive decision-making process. For an organization to assess health technologies, such challenges are critical to address and overcome so that there is an efficient use and reuse of resources. This is particularly of importance in a regulatory environment that has a heavy emphasis to efficiently obtain reliable information from various sources and analyze it to make well-informed decisions. Knowledge management, which is a systematic effort to enable information for knowledge to grow, flow, and create value, has been implemented widely in both private and public sectors. This project assesses a collaborative knowledge management framework and associated initiatives that have been implemented in a regulatory organization for public health. It examines the role knowledge management principles play in the regulatory environment for decision making processes to examine the impact made in the organization. Through input from expert judgement and data analysis, the results of this research support collaborative platforms for knowledge sharing. While the data and experts were chosen from one regulatory organization, the research deductions could apply to other regulatory bodies that are tasked with decision making to address public needs, and would support implementing a collaborative knowledge management framework as a critical task for future organizational priorities.

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