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Discovering Cultural Identity: A Journey Interpreted through Artist's Books and Prints Open Access

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Finding one's cultural identity is both a personal and social issue that many individuals can relate to through public medias such as art. The intersections of identity, language, and nationality are crucial to the understanding of cultural identification and create opportunities for art to express these interactions. Through this thesis research paperand body of work, a personal interpretation of cultural identity will be discussed relating to ideas of creating this identity, finding a sense of belonging, and discussing the exploration of a struggle to uncover what a personal interpretation of identity is through the creation of artists' books and corresponding prints. Discovering cultural identity through book arts allows artists to work through the complicated process of constructing their identity in the public realm of art. Combining cultural influences through books and print mimics the internal process of combining one's varied cultural history. It allows for making connections with others that may relate to that same experience when exposed to the artwork.

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