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This documentary conducted in Washington, D.C. (Ward 7 and 8), along the Anacostia River, and nearby Southeast D.C. between February 2012 and April 2013, Anaquash, explores local residents' relationship to the river. The Anacostia is a historically polluted body of water, running through racially segregated and economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. Using multimedia, photography, text, digital mapping, e-postcards, and locals' photography contributions, Anaquash, sought to discover the ways in which the community interacts with the river. Fishermen, both subsistence and recreational, environmentalists, residents, and other river-goers, were the center of this project. My research was conducted through networking with environmental and community organization as well as boots-on-the-ground, exploratory interactions with individuals. I found that environmental issues along the Anacostia were made less important to the community because of more pressing economic and social problems, but that recreation, education, and awareness were the key elements in fostering local stewardship for the river.

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