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Synchronal Figures: Translating the Micro-Environment of a Rower Open Access

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Upper Arlington and Dublin Crew teams have been competitive high school rowing organizations for over twenty years. Currently the team is housed in what was supposed to be a temporary compound, a compound that provides no security, no shelter and no identity for the organization. By analyzing the dynamic micro-environment of a rower, both the physical and mental, we can improve upon the interior for a new facility. Rowing is a singular repetitive motion that can be broken down into five basic forms; the catch, ½ slide, arms & body, arms and the finish. By evaluating the specific points of movement that connect each of these forms, we can generate unique shapes. Over the course of a typical race a rowers mental state can alter between excitable intensity and synchronized serenity. These feelings can be broken down into different zones, that occur two and three times throughout the rowing cycle. These zones can then be used as guidance when defining the interior space and circulation, while the forms generated from the body moment emphasize these areas within the interior environment.

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