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ArtNexus: Elevating the Arts Experience at Rollins College Open Access

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The Art and Art History building at Rollins College, a small liberal arts school in Winter Park, FL, offers a unique and ideal situation in which specific creative design solutions will foster higher levels of student and faculty engagement, collaboration, creativity, and sense of ownership. While this highly competitive and well respected institution boasts a strong and thriving community which prepares its students for critical thinking and global citizenship in a 21st century educational setting, the inadequate and outdated Art and Art History building fall short. These two disciplines, which should be inherently interconnected, are physically and psychologically separate within the building, thus preventing the cross-pollination of ideas and growth. Allocating higher programmatic value to newly redefined transitional and spatial organization will be achieved through a nexus of new café study space, community art space, indoor/outdoor study and lounging areas, flexible and multi-use modular systems, technological advancements, and sustainable material upgrades. My thesis proposes a space in which Art History and Studio Art students, faculty, and community members interact, fostering higher levels of engagement and meaningful connections. Aligning with Rollins’ ethos, this space will enhance collaboration, creativity, and innovation and prepare its students for the ultimate goal of leading lives of meaning and purpose.

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