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Getting Straight to the Roots, No-Lye: Engaging Black Women in an Exhibition About Their Hair Open Access

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Getting Straight to the Roots, No-Lye: Black Hair in White America Getting Straight to the Roots, No-Lye: Black hair in White America, is an exhibition designed for Black women that is designed to educate on the history and culture of black women’s hair. Through photos, objects, and personal stories it will examine historical trends and styles, and the deep-rooted emotional and social factors that influence hairstyle choices, including European beauty standards, popular entertainment and media, toys, and workplace environments and polices. The exhibition will encourage an open, yet personally relevant dialogue between women within the Black community and will foster understanding and acceptance among different perspectives on how Black women wear their hair. Before leaving the exhibition women will be presented with the opportunity to enter a working salon and change their hairstyle.

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