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The Impact of Action Learning Experience on Reflective Practice Open Access

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Abstract of the DissertationThe Impact of Action Learning Experience on Reflective PracticeThis case study examines the changes that occur with respect to reflective practices as a result of participating in an action learning group through the identification of aspects/activities of action learning that contribute to such changes and the impact these aspects/activities had on the program participants at a department of the federal government. For this study, multiple levels of analysis were conducted at the individual level and program level. Observation, interviews and descriptive data were collected to investigate the research questions of this case study. Data analysis was then conducted on coded interview and observation data and the descriptive data gathered from the Self-Reflection and Insight Scale Engagement in self-reflection and Need for self-reflection questions (Grant, Franklin, & Langford, 2002).Based on the data collection and analysis methods for this study, the following conclusions were drawn: (1) Changes in reflective practice between the start of the action learning groups and the completion of the action learning groups were noteworthy based upon the SRIS administrations; (2) Although multiple aspects of action learning directly contribute to a change in reflective practice, reflective inquiry and the coach were the key aspects of action learning that contributed to the change in reflective practice as perceived by the study participants; (3) A shift in awareness of leadership behaviors and problem solving techniques was improved from participation in the action learning groups by the participants; (4) A connection between the literature and the action learning experience was evident from the findings of this study. Specifically, the reflection -in-on and -for action references; and (5) Self-confidence and self-reflection were enhanced as a result of participating in the action learning program.Additionally, this study revealed aspects of action learning, specifically related to the coach and the group structure that provides HRD and Education practitioner's ways to make action learning an even more powerful learning and problem solving tool. Lastly, a quantitative study, including the insight specific questions of the self-reflection and insight scale, using a larger population of action learning groups could provide further understanding of the variables of this study.

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