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Nobody. Somebody. Anybody. Everybody. Contemporary Art + Culture: The Body Image Battle Open Access

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We live in a world where social and cultural forces affect our body image. Contemporary culture portrays an ideal body type through the media, visual art and fashion. Each day individuals think about their bodies and how others perceive them. Whether we realize it or not, the notion of what is ideal is ingrained from the constant exposure of visual culture that surrounds us. Historians, psychologists, women's studies professionals and other scholars have analyzed the human form and what it means to be perceived as beautiful. I am interested in using this topic to activate an informal discussion, beyond the academic research. Our bodies are so physically present, but are rarely a topic for discussion. Why aren't we more open about how our bodies make us feel? noBODY. someBODY. anyBODY. everyBODY. is proposed as a public and fine art exhibition. The exhibit aims to promote awareness of body image struggles and confront visitors with the opportunity to stop and reflect on how we think about ourselves.

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