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How Information Technology Line Managers Can Improve Employee Engagement With Statistical Analysis Open Access

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This praxis seeks to determine the employee engagement drivers line managers can impact. By focusing on drivers that are linked to employee engagement, IT line managers can increase employee engagement. The existing literature on employee engagement is sourced from academia, industry, internal organizations, and third parties. The literature is categorized, and the merits of each source are discussed. The statistical methods utilized to perform the statistical analysis are an analysis of correlations and linear regression with some prerequisite analysis and data cleansing performed. The results of the statistical analysis are discussed and contextualized with the existing literature. Increases in innovation correspond with increases in engagement. Additionally, a smaller but still statistically significant correlation is found with “soft skills.” Based on the statistical findings performed in the research of this praxis, the author recommends implementing a cycle of the following actions: gather preliminary metrics, provide an environment conducive to innovation, evaluate metrics delta, work on soft skills, evaluate metrics.

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