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A Systems Approach to Improving Policy Compliance Open Access

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To reduce dependence on foreign sources of energy, address climate change, and improve environmental quality, the U.S. government requires federal agencies to take a leadership role in purchasing alternative fuel vehicles, using alternative fuel, and reducing petroleum consumption. Compliance with these requirements, while important, creates challenges for federal fleet managers who oversee large, geographically dispersed fleets. In this study, a group of 25 experienced federal fleet managers participated in a pilot study using a structured methodology for developing strategies to comply with fleet requirements while using agency resources as efficiently as possible. Multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) methods were used to identify and quantify agency priorities in combination with a linear programming model to optimize the purchase of fleet vehicles. The method was successful in quantifying tradeoffs and decreasing the amount of time required to develop fleet management strategies. As such, it is recommended to federal agencies as a standard tool for the development of these strategies in the future.

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