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Unemployment Compensation: Coverage in the Federal-State System, 1935-1976 Open Access

Historians have not yet detailed the story of unemployment compensation. This thesis takes up one element of the story - coverage - to expand existing understanding. The narrative evaluates which groups of workers were covered over time, how groups of workers came to be included, and how the federal-state system functioned. Beginning with the creation of the federal-state unemployment insurance program by the Social Security Act of 1935 through the 1976 federal Unemployment Compensation Amendments that closed in large part gaps in coverage, this thesis examines coverage under federal and state legislation using Maryland as a case study of the state level. Tracing the expansion of coverage and unemployment compensation policy at both the state and federal levels with focus on economic and political developments during the period 1935 to 1976, this narrative highlights the complicated federal-state relationship, the role of the federal government in coverage expansion, and the fact reform of the unemployment compensation system followed its own course.

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