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Protection of Intellectual Property of the Plant Continuity thru IT/OT Cyber Security Measures and Governance into Industrial Automation & Control Systems Open Access

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An Industrial Automation and Control System design function is to provide a level of autonomy that allows manufacturers the capability to produce goods at a lower overhead cost, provide real-time data capability for KPI’s and provide the capability for monitoring and controlling critical processes. Industrial Automation and Control Systems are the heart and soul of any manufacturing process and are capable to be modified and exploited by external and internal threats. Control systems utilize a combination of hardware and software which allows automated processes of producing goods. These areas of automation include but are not limited to: power generation & distribution, food and beverage operations that involves making products and packaging them for consumers, warehousing the packaged goods and transporting them for distribution to local markets. With the convergence of information technology and operational technology a framework for improving critical infrastructure cyber-security organizations can use to establish and enhance their manufacturing operations. Over the past decades, most industries have managed IT & OT as two independent domains and maintain separate standards and governance models. The applied nature of this research enabled the integration of existing IT & OT capabilities and governance standards into the proposed solution. A well maintained IACS Cyber-Security Governance Plan is crucial to articulate to the executives of the organization where risks lie with a risk matrix, and how to minimize threats. Intellectual Property is at risk, as well as brand recognition and peoples’ reputations in the industry. A strong IT/OT governance management office needs to be in place to handle any changes and be ready and aware of new threats that exist.

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