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Durative Events in Publish and Subscribe Systems for Ad- Hoc Mobile Networks Open Access

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This dissertation presents the application of durative events to publish and subscribe systems. As the application of event publishing grows to cover sensor events, location events, and events being published over ad hoc mobile networks, the event model of publish and subscribe architectures needs to evolve. These publish and subscribe architectures have to evolve to handle clients that must be able to disconnect and reconnect without warning from the system. Publish and subscribe events are extended to account for the duration of the events over time intervals and to provide the capability for a client to reconnect to a publish and subscribe server and get the current state of the events to which the client has subscribed. Durative events enhance the capability of publish and subscribe systems to support mobile clients, reoccurring events, and events with significant lifetimes. This dissertation outlines the current state of publish and subscribe architecture and defines the problem of mobile clients. The durative events are defined in the context of publish and subscribe events. The implementation of a publish and subscribe system with durative events is outlined. The impacts of durative events on the architecture of publish and subscribe systems is discussed.

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