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Vino Populi; An Urban Winery in an Abandoned Trolley Station Open Access

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An urban winery holds a unique allure its own paradoxical existence by offering both a novel experience to an urbane audience, but also by permitting its visitors to learn while they eat and drink. The city-dweller, especially in the Washington Metropolitan area, whose citizens are some of the most traveled, educated and highly paid of the whole United States, seeks specialist knowledge, anything that might separate them from the masses by enhancing their own cultural urbanity, anything that will provide a memorable and different experience. Through sheer accessibility an Urban Winery will allow for repetitive access by visitors to the wine facilities, gustatory lessons and thereby demystify wine. The abandoned Streetcar Station beneath Dupont Circle remained largely vacant for nearly fifty years, but the underground space would be ideal for the needs of an urban winery. Visitors could access far more than a typical wine bar allows, they could actually experience the allusive world of wine making.

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