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Cross-Domain Knowledge Management Strategy for a Mission Areas within the Force Projection Sector Open Access

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The purpose of this research is to develop a knowledge management strategy for sea control mission area within the Force Projection sector. This research focuses on developing a KM strategy for the programs with FPS mission areas in order to breakdown the current organizational stovepipes that inhibit effective sharing of information across the different programs within one of its mission areas, with the intent to expand to other mission areas within the sector and potentially to the entire laboratory. This research also focuses on selecting some KM technologies that can be part of the KM strategy implementation. For knowledge management to be useful to an organization, it must be seen as valuable to the organization’s survival and must be seen as accessible to the users. While this praxis presents the results of a structured questionnaire addressing the latter, it also addresses the fundamental issue of internalizing into the fabric of the organization, i.e. effective ways of changing the culture of the organization and how they value knowledge management. Establishing the expectation for KM, making it part of the organization’s strategy, part of the organization’s culture, measuring its contribution and impact to the organization, and getting the senior executives “buy-in’ and endorsement with specific recommendations for action are based on research and application of proven change management techniques that have been seen in some industry organizations, but really focused on what is applicable to the sea control mission area within the Force Projection Sector and ensuring it fits within the overall vision and goals of the mission area and the sector.

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