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A Transnational Struggle: Truths and Transitions Open Access

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My MFA thesis investigates the immediate urgency of current political and social issueswhile reflecting on transnational histories. I am intrigued by the way the archive, myth,iconography and symbolism relate to the contemporary world. In particular, ATransnational Struggle: Truths and Transitions examines how protest movements formand evolve, how the culture of resistance spreads across nations, how protestors interactand respond through gesture and expression, as well as how the opposite—censoring,disenfranchisement, exploitation, commodification—is signified and negotiated. Mywork is autobiographical in that it draws on the protest history of South Africa, thecountry I was born in. I am interested in the many parallels of the political and sociallandscapes of South Africa the USA (and other countries) as a catalyst for transnationaldialogues to occur.

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