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The Clubhouse: A Hybrid Hotel and Office Facility Open Access

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Business travel accounts for approximately 50% of all hotel stays, and hotels increasingly cater to this class of traveler. Back in the office, many companies seek to provide their staff with on-site, hotel-like amenities, such as fitness centers, on-site catering, restaurants, cafes, and even hair salons, in an effort to increase productivity, by keeping staff satisfied and at work longer. Providing on-site amenities in office buildings has been shown to improve employee satisfaction and retention, with the potential for increased productivity. While providing first-class amenities can be too costly an endeavor for some businesses to undertake alone, it is one already assumed by many hotels in order to be competitive. Combining operations would distribute the associated costs and allow for a wider array of services to be offered, as has been evidenced by existing models, such as mixed-use developments that combine hotels with residential and retail aspects. The Clubhouse is a model for a hybrid facility, including an upscale, urban hotel and high-end office suites, with shared operations, circulation and use of amenities. It seeks to meet the needs of two differing design programs under one roof, creating atmospheres conducive to business and inviting for hotel guests, without jarring transitions. In order to execute this, the design explores the concept of hybrid and overlapping, which the two-sided facility embodies. Through the manipulation of light, sound, color, and accessory, the design will gradually transition along a gradient, producing a cohesive aesthetic suitable for all parties.

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