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Pop-Up Studio: Unfolding a Dwelling Open Access

This thesis introduces the Pop-Up Studio, an unfoldable dwelling derivedthrough the examination of conceptual spaces as instruments of architectural progress. The Pop-Up Studio is an intentionally whimsical building that can best be described as Imaginary Architecture, a label created, defined and realized with the Pop-Up Studio's execution. It is a form of expressive architecture, one which marries radical one-room living and artful mobility.The Pop-Up Studio probes beyond conventional boundaries of traditionalbuilding where technique is a subsidiary importance to design expression. Research for this thesis includes the study of evolving utopian forms from historically notable paper architecture to present-day virtual modeling. The Pop-Up Studio takes inspiration and techniques from futurist designers and theorists such as Antonio Sant'Elia, Archigram and Martín Azúa. Inspired by the craft of pop-up greeting cardsand children's books, research for the Pop-Up Studio consists of an extensive study of unfolding forms.As a prototype home, the Pop-Up Studio addresses evolving architectureintended to alter expectations and revolutionize the common dwelling. Here, a living space is developed out of an easily constructed and easily demountable unfolding geometric form. It is a micro-dwelling for one to two person living.By unfolding a geometric form into a dwelling, the Pop-Up Studio treads the line between architecture and visual art. The Studio is manifested in the imagination and designed based on theory. It's development links Imaginary Design to the progression and future of architecture.

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