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Holacratic Engineering Management: A Lean Enterprise System Engineering Innovation Open Access

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Based on a belief that innovation is increased by Holacratic Engineering Management practices distributing authority to engaged, autonomous, decision makers versus traditional corporate, hierarchical, and delegated decision making, this research examines the relationship between holacratic engineering management and company innovative performance. This proposed new, chaordic, systems engineering and engineering management process, inherently disruptive and arising out of the agile software and lean systems engineering disciplines, is explored using systems thinking and model-based systems engineering principles. This research effort examining Holacratic Engineering Management, an adoptive innovation of lean and agile engineering concepts as a convergence of Holacracy and Lean Enterprise System Engineering includes case studies measuring the effects of Holacratic Engineering Management and Lean Enterprise Systems Engineering on performance. Using soft systems methodology, multiple linear regression is performed on 18 companies that design, develop, and deliver prepackaged software. The theoretical model consists of five component values comprising the holacracy measurements. Companies embracing Holacratic Engineering Management have significantly improved innovation performance.

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