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Barriers to Knowledge Management in Saudi Arabia Open Access

Barriers to Knowledge Management (KM) are a challenge that more and more governmental and non-governmental organizations around the world are facing as they seek to improve the utilization of knowledge in products and/or services related to their national systems, laws, plans, and policies. In this regard, obstacles to successful implementation of KM programs vary by country. Factors such as a country's technology, telecommunications infrastructure, research and development standing, science and technology procedures and plans, and the population's educational and cultural level all play a key role in moving it towards a knowledge society. One country that is trying to move towards a knowledge-based society is Saudi Arabia. To achieve this goal, certain barriers to effective KM need to be addressed. This research is designed to identify critical factors affecting KM in Saudi Arabia and will address the following question: What are the main barriers to Knowledge Management in Saudi Arabia? To address this question, the researcher used the Delphi method with 14 highly relevant Saudi KM experts to identify major barriers to KM. The barriers to KM analyzed for this study were classified and ranked based on the four-pillar model developed by Dr. Michael Stankosky of the George Washington University, which includes the major categories of learning, leadership, technology, and organization. The research and analysis led to the identification of the following barriers: 19 organization barriers, 24 technology barriers, 32 leadership barriers, and 22 learning barriers. The barriers were ranked using nonparametric statistical tests and stochastic dominance. This study provides a foundation for research for barriers to KM in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region.

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