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Assessing the Between Group Differences of White and Minority Male Students Educated in Single Sex Settings in Student Performance When other Research Based Indicators of Student Performance are Present. Open Access

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This study was conducted in an effort to determine if and to what extent between group differences exist between white and minority male students educated in a Single Sex (SS) environment. SS settings have only recently come back into the discussion as a potential venue for school reform as of 2006 following the reauthorization of No Child Left Behind (NCLB). Prior to this, SS settings were primarily only found in private settings where schools were not subject to public school rules and regulations. The research that exists in regard to SS schools has shown mixed results with the results primarily being null or insignificantly positive. This study used Structural Equation Modeling to test the hypothesis. Models were created based on research based theory used to create three latent factors made up of 10 observed variables. These latent factors were representative of student and parent level factors around engagement in school and rigorous coursework as these have been shown to have a positive impact on student achievement. The models were not found to fit the data but some individual structural paths were found to have a significant impact on student achievement as well as overall engagement with school. This limits the applicability of these findings to the larger discussion. These relationships differed between races as further discussed with possible reasons why and how future research can further this work.

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