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The Era of the Deconstructed Hero: The End of New Art Imperialisms and the Rise of Exposed Process Open Access

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"The narratives that govern how we value art in our society have systematically placed the artist as pawn and pauper in the profit industrial system; these narratives are adapting to new forms of information architecture (web based and book arts) which make their process more apparent. This shift away from idolatry and destructive practices is allowing more artists to pursue living wages while more beneficially dedicating artistic practice towards their communities."An analysis of narratives from the theoretical to the personal and how they can effect the ability to produce effective social justice art. This thesis begins with problematic pre-existing narratives like that of Ayn Rand and Nicolas Bourriaud, suggests applying Jo Freeman's Tyranny of Structurelessness to survival in the art world, and advocates methods of process narrative as employed by Erin Wilson (through Kickstarter), Ian Cozzens, Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. Johanna Drucker, Brad Freeman, and Robin Price.

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