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End to End Supply Chain Performance Response Framework for Medically Significant Pharmaceutical Products Open Access

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Drug shortages of medically significant products can have an adverse effect on the target patient population. Supply chain models are not always differentiated amongst product types and are often managed as one type fits all. This research will analyze the supply chains of medically significant products and evaluate their design and delivery performance in order to reduce supply disruptions. The goal of this research is to develop a framework that can be used to manage supply chains given product characteristics and product supply performance in order to improve the supply chain’s delivery performance. The framework will help to monitor and segment supply chain nodes, determine inventory levels based on segmentation, and enable supply chain managers/planners to manage the supply chains based on historical performance to reduce the risk of supply disruptions. This framework will also give supply chain planners visibility to where potential vulnerabilities exist and enable them to apply alternative risk mitigation measures before a supply disruption occurs. The performance response framework will be an iterative model that will drive decisions to be made based on defined supply chain metrics. This tool will drive supply chain management activities based on supply chain performance and give supply chain planners a standard process to follow to make supply chain decisions.

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