Moderating Effects of Client-Counselor Racial/Ethnic Match on the Predictive Relationship between Counselor Multicultural Training, Multicultural Competence, and Multicultural Self-Efficacy in Counseling Professionals Working with Youth Living in At-Risk Circumstances Open Access

Research has identified racial/ethnic mismatch, race alone, self-efficacy, and training as potential predictors of positive client outcomes and service continuity; however, research has not looked specifically at how these constructs work together (Chao, 2013; Ibaraki & Nagayama Hall, 2014; Levy, Thompson-Leonardelli, Grant Smith, & Coleman, 2005; Xu & Tracey, 2016). The purpose of this quantitative study was to investigate whether counselor multicultural training and multicultural competence predicted multicultural self-efficacy as well as whether client-counselor racial/ethnic match moderated the relationship in counseling professionals working with youth living in at-risk circumstances. Data was collected via online self-report surveys from 61 counseling professionals who work with youth living in at-risk circumstances in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. Hierarchical multiple regression analyses indicated that client-counselor racial/ethnic match and counselor multicultural competence were statistically significant predictors of counselor multicultural self-efficacy. Additionally, counselor multicultural training, multicultural competence and client-counselor racial/ethnic match was found to be a statistically significant model in the prediction of counselor multicultural self-efficacy. Finally, client-counselor racial/ethnic match had moderating effects on the relationship between counselor multicultural training, multicultural competence, and multicultural self-efficacy. The current research provides further insight to the training needs of counseling professionals working with youth living in at-risk circumstances, which can inform further research investigation of counselor preparation programs, training, and curriculum development.


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