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Improved Obsolescence Management for Electronic and Control Systems (ECS) in NASA-International Space Station (ISS) Program. Open Access

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The most expensive project in human history is the International Space Station (ISS); it has reached $160+ billions in total expenses. Currently, the lifespan of the ISS has been exceeded, and the spacecraft operations is projected for a minimum of 10 years. However, due to its aging technology, the ISS is facing an issue of Electronic and Control Systems (ECS) obsolescence. Consequently, this situation has badly impacted the ISS-Program. Impacts including schedule delays and cost increase have been more frequent during the last decade. Through this research, an ECS obsolescence assessment has been conducted. Models including Neural Networks, k-Nearest Neighbors and Random Forests have been implemented for comparison, using Machine-learning-based algorithms, and a cost savings analysis has been studied to evaluate the benefits of the best model in facilitating the finest solutions and techniques that will effectively reduce schedule delay and decrease cost overrun in the Program.

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