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Design of Intelligent Home Energy Management System and Demand Response Analysis Open Access

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A Home Energy Management (HEM) system plays an important role in smart grid environments that can potentially allow the demand response applications for residential customers. The purpose of this work is to design and implement a home energy management (HEM) system that enables an electric utility to mitigate peak demand based on homeowner load priority and users’ comfort level preference. The HEM system can allow customers to monitor and control their household electric appliances and as well as collect electrical consumption data from the selected high power consumption household appliances such as water heater, air conditioner, clothes dryer and electric vehicle units. Demand response (DR) enables customers to reduce electricity consumption and alleviate a system under stress condition. In order to analyze demand response (DR) in residential loads, it is important to focus and analyze mathematical models of power intensive loads. This paper presents a HEM algorithm which autonomously controls and monitors appliances. The proposed algorithm manages high power intensive appliances in a single home. The main purpose of the control algorithm is to keep total household power consumption below the certain limit according to homeowner load priority and users’ comfort level preference.

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