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Analyzing Fact Based Preventive Approach to Address Foreign Material Contamination in the Food Industry Open Access

Abstract of PraxisAnalyzing fact based preventive approach to address foreign material contamination in the food industry is a necessary analysis, focused on using statistical evaluations to analyze the disturbing trend of foreign material food recall in the meat and poultry industry today. Even though recalls due to microbiological contaminations and allergens seem to get more media attention, foreign material meat and poultry food contaminations are also on the rise and the market is starting to show disturbing trends of increasing volumes of products that are recalled due to potential adulteration. Unfortunately, tighter regulatory oversight and new food safety modernization acts have not demonstrated significant success towards reducing the occurrence of these foreign material food recalls. It appears that the incident rates have remained somewhat flat year over year, but the volume of product that are being destroyed due to extraneous material contaminations continues to show exponential increase.Food producers cannot continue to conduct business as usual in a world that is constantly changing. They must begin to adapt and invest in technology and in fact based foreign material prevention initiatives, in order to close the disparity in technology between the production equipment and the foreign material detection equipment.The outcome of my research has suggested that maintaining a status quo to foreign material prevention has not proven successful in limiting recall occurrences in the food industry. The research supports that a switch to fact based prevention approach can yield superior outcomes that are beneficial to both the food manufacturers and food consumers.

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