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Cappadocia Boutique Hotel Open Access

This thesis investigates the study of subtractive architecture, It examines sight condition to inspire a unique design with a sustainable structure in a harsh environment. The idea of subtractive architecture through a geological mass refers back two thousand years ago, the Nabataeans started to be recognized with this idea. The Kingdom of Nabataeans, with its capital city Petra in Jordan, expanded to dominate "Madain Saleh". Madain Saleh, known as Al-Hijr, carving colossal tombs into sandstone outcrops that remain monumental and strange more than two millennium later. Turkey has been an international tourist destination for many years now, and the boutique hotel industry there has been growing to meet the needs of high end clients. Cappadocia, Turkey is a historical city located in the central parts of the nation. Many attractions bring tourists to this city both from within Turkey and international travelers. The design proposes to to develop a hotel that is unique in its interior and structure that would create a whole experience to the guests. This research will include studying dwelling issues, the appropriate structure, lighting studies and ways of applying sustainable designs into the interiors.

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