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Maqam: The mood of Arabian Music_ An Exploration of the Arabian Musical Modes for Western Audiences Open Access

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“Maqam” is an exhibition proposal that represents music as a fascinating andunique side of Arabic culture. This exhibition utilizes music as the lens to a multi-sensoryand immersive experience that engages audiences with the beauty of Arabic culture.Located in the international gallery at Freer and Sackler Galleries, DC, this exhibitionbuilds upon the museum mission of exploring and displaying cultural art that stretchesfrom East Asia to the very west of the African content. Even though this exhibition mayembrace the different type of visitors who have interests in music and cultures, it istargeting Western millennials and adult professionals as they represent the widestdemographic of the museum visitors.Maqam is a unique Arabic musical concept that is traditionally believed toexpress different emotions and modes through melodies. As a cultural heritage, theMaqam significance comes from the role it plays in representing a distinct connectionbetween the Arabs and emotions. The ultimate goal of this exhibition is to draw interestsamong Western population to accept and explore the bright side of the Arab’s culture.This exhibition is intended to engage people with Arabic music through deeper andpersonal understanding of the Maqam concept. Through multi-leveled interactiveexperience, audiences will listen, see, touch, and connect with the Arabic musicalculture.

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