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Determination of Solar Energy Transition Potential of Large Organizations: An Application to Department of Defense Facilities and Non-Tactical Vehicles Open Access

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The Department of Defense offers a great opportunity to implement solar energy solutions across its United States bases. It is the single largest energy consumer in the federal government, and has land available on its bases to implement solar energy solutions. By implementing solar energy solutions across its bases in the United States, the Department of Defense will be able to realize benefits such as meeting federal policies and mandates, reducing energy intensity from fossil fuel resources (including foreign oil), reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and improving national security and mission readiness. This dissertation will describe the current Department of Defense energy landscape for its facilities and non-tactical (fleet) vehicles, Department of Defense benefits of implementing solar energy technologies, and research methods and results that could help realize these benefits through the development of a multi-criteria decision model to augment implementation of solar energy technologies on Department of Defense bases.

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