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Abu Ghraib: The Immediate Reaction of Print Media to the Disclosure of Prisoner Abuse Open Access

One news story that remained undetected by major news headlines was the prisoner abuses at the Abu Ghraib prisoner in Iraq. The prisoner abuses remained largely unnoticed by the media until the revealing of shocking photographic evidence. Most studies conducted on the media's portrayal of the Abu Ghraib incident have focused on the ability of the Bush administration to influence what the media publicized about the incident, rather than the media's reaction to the sudden disclosure of the prisoner abuses. This study provides a content analysis of articles written immediately after the release of the photographs aired on 60 Minutes II and Seymour Hersh's article in The New Yorker, in order to explore the immediate reaction and impression three influential newspapers -TheNew York Times , Wall Street Journal and USA Today - provided of the emerging story concerning the prisoner abuses.

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