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A Journey Through Disney’s Pixar Movie - Inside Out: Exploring the Purpose of Emotions and Learning How to Embrace Them Open Access

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Educating children about something as abstract as emotions but with great ingenuity, Disney’s Pixar Animation Studios created a movie, Inside Out, which uses a story about a child’s emotional experience of loss and the trauma of growing up to turn abstract notions about emotions into something concrete that children can begin to grasp. With a desire to build upon on the genius of this movie and its potential to help children develop a healthy appreciation of their emotions, this thesis will explore the challenges of creating an exhibition that will highlight and further explore the content and important lessons found in the movie for young children and their parents. Elements used to inform the design of the exhibition, such as audience methodology, site considerations, precedents, interpretive strategy, and design strategy will be discussed in this paper.The exhibition will begin with areas that provide an explanation of the purposes of five emotions – Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust, who are featured as characters in the movie. Visitors will also explore how emotions become more complicated as we get older and that the emotions associated with our memories may change over time depending on our situation in life. Lastly, children will be encouraged to explore their own creativity by having fun with interactive elements found in the movie, that will include the use of large digital interactive activities and performing on stage. The lessons learned in the museum will also be accessible to visitors when they return home and will support parents on any future discussions about emotions with their children.

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