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Modulation of Magneto-Optical Properties of Metallic Nanostructures by External Stimuli Open Access

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Over the last few decades, with the advancement of high tech fabrication of devices, many new phenomena are observed that were not possible in bulk materials. The nanostructures like thin films are subject to extensive research with many applications in sight. One of such applications is non-volatile memory devices with high areal density and low power consumption. The irreversible tailoring of the mechanical, or electronic properties of nanostructures has been carried out previously, [KUM03], [VAL00], [TRI01], however, the reversible and dynamic control of the intrinsic properties like the magnetic are shown recently [WEI07]. These modifications are however limited by the thickness of the thin films used. The charge neutrality is disturbed to induce the reversible changes and is affected by the screening length. Here, in this research, we tried to explore the effects of thickness on the behaviour of critical parameters like coercivity, saturation magnetization, squareness etc. of magnetic nanostructures. These field-induced variations are an alternative to the spin current-induced changes, which are currently employed for the reverse the magnetization in the memory devices.Secondly, the quantum effects are significant in the nanomaterials and require deeper understanding. To explore the quantum of behaviour of magnons confined in the intermetallic nanostructures like CoPd, not too much has been done. Though, some theoretical aspects of magnons entanglement has been presented, [MOR05], yet experimental evidences are yet to be realized. Although, the spin-photon entanglement is actively researched in many semiconducting systems like quantum dots (QDs), yet the magnon-photon entanglement in metallic systems is yet an area to be explored. We here discover the magnon-photon entanglement. Thus, in a nutshell, the purpose of this research is as below• To explore the dynamic and reversible control of magnetic properties of metallic nanostructures like CoPd based on the thickness. • To explore the quantum entanglement of magnons in metallic thin films under BEC temperatures.

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