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The Inclusion Model Teacher's Lived Experience: Teaching English in Community College in an Era of Reform Open Access

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This interpretive phenomenological study supported by reflective lifeworld research (Dahlberg, Dahlberg & Nyström, 2008), explores the lived experiences of six community college English composition teachers. This study asks the following question: How do community college teachers who have taught both developmental and credit level English composition experience teaching and learning in the inclusion model classroom where developmental and college-ready students now learn together? The following three subsidiary questions supported the overall research question:a. Prior to the teaching in the inclusion model, how did community college teachers experience developmental English composition teaching and learning? b. How do teachers experience developmental and credit level English composition teaching and learning in the new inclusion classroom? c. How did community college teachers experience the transition from the developmental pre-requisite model to the inclusion model at their institution? This study is theoretically situated in lifeworld theory (Husserl, 1970) and interpretive phenomenology (Heidegger, 1996). Lifeworld theory and later interpretive phenomenology suggest that the lived experience is an integral part of human subject research. Data collection followed Seidman’s (2013) three-part interview process, including life history, discussions of the phenomenon, and reflecting on the phenomenon. Data analysis followed Dahlberg, Dahlberg and Nyström’s (2008) reflective lifeworld research and Vagle’s (2014) whole-parts-whole thematic development. The data analysis led to ten findings that addressed the research subsidiary questions. These findings address the research question and subsidiary questions and illuminate the encounters teachers experience in the community college English composition classroom.

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