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“Home to Me” is a multimedia journalism piece about the love and tension shared between a young Chinese-American woman and her parents as they work to build lives in Alexandria, Virginia. The story is told in different perspectives in formats of documentary, portrait photography, feature story, interactive postcard and projection installation. Jiayi Liu, 24, the eldest daughter in a family of five, arrived in the United States at the age of 12 with her mother Xiuli following a nine-year separation from her father, Yunfei Liu. Jiayi loves her younger brother and sister, both American born, but recognizes that they have had very different educational and childhood experiences. These differences color their respective understandings of family, expectations, dreams and their relationships with their parents. Jaiyi’s parents try hard to have everyone in the family tightly connected, including aunts and uncles who have also joined them here. Jiayi's journey delivers emotions in a cross-culture context, and also speaks to the experiences and challenges of immigrant families who have been through the process of separation, relocation and building new homes.

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